Tuesday, October 3, 2023

First International Flight Departs from Skardu Airport

On Tuesday, a very special event happened – the first international flight took off from Skardu Airport to Dubai. Skardu Airport is now an international airport, and this is a big achievement.

The first flight had 160 passengers and it went from Skardu Airport to Dubai. This is a big deal because just on Pakistan’s Independence Day, August 14, Skardu Airport received its first international flight from Dubai.

When the flight arrived at Skardu Airport, everyone gave it a warm welcome. Before this, in June, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) started direct flights between Karachi and Skardu. They also started direct flights between Lahore and Skardu.

The first flight from Lahore to Skardu happened on June 3. Skardu is in a really beautiful place surrounded by the Karakoram mountains. It’s a great place for people who love adventure, nature, and history.

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