Monday, February 26, 2024

First Shipment of ‘King of Fruits’ Mangoes Arrives in UAE from Pakistan

This year, the mango crop in Pakistan has shown some improvement compared to last year. This means that the mangoes are expected to be sweeter and more reasonably priced, thanks to the weaker value of the country’s currency. Last year, the crop was negatively affected by climate change, including a heatwave and drought.

Mustafa Altaf, the managing director of Altaf Hussain Trading Co., has reported that the first shipment of over 90 containers of Sindhri and Almas mango varieties has arrived by sea. These mangoes are of excellent quality, fully ripe, and have a delightful aroma.

After these two varieties, other mango varieties such as Dusehri, Saroli, Anwar Ratool, Gulas Khaas, Langra, and more will be shipped to the UAE. Typically, mango supply continues until September unless heavy monsoon rains disrupt the process, as mentioned by Altaf.

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