Tuesday, June 18, 2024

First Shipment of King of Fruits Mangoes Reached UAE From Pakistan

The first batch of Pakistani mangoes has arrived in the UAE, but prices are a bit higher this year because of inflation and increased shipping costs. Mustafa Altaf, the managing director of a trading company, explained that the government allowed mango exports to start on May 20, 2024.

Right now, a 6 kg box of Sindhi mangoes is being sold for 28-30 dirhams. Despite the challenges of lower production due to climate change, the demand for Pakistani mangoes in the UAE remains strong.

Altaf expressed optimism that Pakistani mango growers and exporters will continue to meet the high demand for their quality mangoes. He emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards to keep customers satisfied and ensure the success of future exports.

Pakistani mangoes, often called the “King of Fruits,” are highly popular in the UAE. Each year, people look forward to the arrival of these delicious and sweet mangoes. Although climate change has affected the production levels, the dedication of growers and exporters to deliver top-quality mangoes remains unwavering.

Altaf’s company is working hard to manage the increased costs and ensure that the mangoes reach consumers in the best possible condition. The rise in prices hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for these mangoes, showing their continued popularity and importance in the UAE market.

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