Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Flight Attendant Explains Why Arriving Late At The Airport Can be Wise

While the prospect of heading off on a summer holiday is exciting, the process of getting there can often be stressful. From ensuring you’ve packed everything to making sure you have your passport, there’s a lot to consider. However, a flight attendant has shared an interesting perspective that challenges the conventional wisdom of arriving at the airport well in advance.

According to Kamila Jakubjakova, a former cabin crew member for Emirates, it might actually be a good idea to arrive at the airport a little later than usual. While this advice might raise eyebrows, Jakubjakova explains the logic behind it.

The primary reason for this unconventional suggestion is the practice of airlines overselling tickets. Jakubjakova points out that airlines often sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, assuming that not everyone will show up. This overbooking strategy is used to ensure full flights even if a few passengers cancel or miss their flights.

If, however, all passengers do show up, a situation of overbooking arises. In this scenario, airlines may have to accommodate more passengers in higher class cabins like business class due to lack of available seats in economy class. This creates an opportunity for travelers who arrive slightly later to be considered for a free upgrade.

The flight attendant clarifies that arriving late doesn’t mean missing your flight, but rather cutting it a bit closer than the traditional recommendation of arriving two hours prior to departure. While this strategy might come with a potential risk of longer queues and boarding stress, the possibility of a free upgrade to a more comfortable class might outweigh the downsides for some passengers.

Additionally, Jakubjakova offers another insightful tip for travelers: being kind and considerate to the flight attendants. She suggests that passengers who bring small treats like candies or chocolates for the cabin crew might experience better service or even some special treatment in return.

In essence, Jakubjakova’s advice challenges the long-held notion that early arrival at the airport is always best. Instead, she proposes that a calculated risk might lead to an unexpected reward in the form of a complimentary upgrade to business class. This new perspective offers travelers an alternative approach to making their flying experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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