Saturday, July 20, 2024

Flour Price Jumps to Rs. 130 Per Kg in Karachi

The price of flour jumped by Rs20 per kg on Sunday in Karachi which will put further pressure on the cost of living.

Against this backdrop, the 10 kg flour bag rate has been fixed at Rs1,300 as compared to Rs1,100 per bag.

Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) confirmed the new increase, saying that the move was inevitable due to soaring flour prices.1730 of 10 seconde volume 0% 

Earlier, the price of chakki atta skyrocketed to Rs130 per kg in Lahore and other major cities of Punjab as well.

The prices of simple and fine atta (flour), usually used for making roti and naan, also reached a record high of Rs1,750 (per 15kg bag) and Rs9500 (per 80kg bag)

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