Friday, May 24, 2024

‘Fly Jinnah’, Pakistan’s New Low-Cost Carrier, Unveils its Visual Brand Identity

Fly Jinnah, which is Pakistan’s new low-cost carrier, has recently revealed its visual brand identity today.

The vibrant red of Fly Jinnah’s visual brand identity, with its brand name abbreviation ‘FJ,’ shows the airline’s young and modern energy; however, the logo and brand identity, with its unique font and round-shaped symbol, depicts motion and continuity.

The brands values are: Ambition – which provides true value to customers and connecting communities around the world; Sincerity – which ensures honesty and willingness to achieve and grow while striving to improve; and Inventiveness – which helps to create innovative solutions while remaining focused, practical, and efficient.

Further, the aircraft livery for ‘Fly Jinnah’ was inspired by the logo and the brand ethos, and it depicts a modern airline that is aspiring, energetic, and constantly on the move.

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