Monday, July 22, 2024

flydubai Offers Discounted Tickets to 25 Destinations

UAE’s Airline flydubai Announced discount ticket offers for 25 airports. Flydubai is offering discounted tickets to 25 airports , including 7 Arab cities, according to the Gulf newspaper Emirates Al-Youm, a statement said in a statement. Taking place, the beneficiaries of the new offer will be able to visit 25 tourist destinations during the coming spring.

Flydubai management has informed that under this offer bookings can be made till Thursday 23rd March 2023 and these tickets will be effective till 18th June 2023. The offer is also valid for business class tickets while flydubai has announced discounted tickets for 25 airports in Africa, Central Asia, Subcontinent, Caucasus, Southeast and Central Europe, GCC and Middle East.

The bases of the Flydubai has also announced flights to 4 more Saudi cities, including Nayom, Najran, Al Qaisma and Jazan, while earlier this year the airline launched twice weekly flights from January 12 . 

flydubai has resumed its operations for Al Ala along with the service. Hamad Obaidahullah, Chief Commercial Officer of flydubai , said, ” Saudi Arabia is on the path of economic growth and investment in developing its tourism sector . Looking forward to the opportunity to visit more.

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