Monday, October 2, 2023

Former PM Imran Khan Reveals that he Prefers ‘Biryani with Aalo’

Biryani with Aalo or without aalo is a never-ending topic of debate and discussion among biryani lovers in Pakistan. Some prefer Biryani with aalo while others prefer without it, however, former Prime Minister, Imran Khan recently revealed that he likes having Biryani with aalo.

Biryani is a widely loved and consumed dish in Pakistan. There are various versions and preferences based on regions, ingredients, and cooking styles. The recent statement of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s preference of having biryani with aalo sparked an interesting discussion on all social media platforms.

Some people considered Imran Khan’s statement as a definitive resolution to the matter while others still favour having Biryani without aalo. As the debate continues to generate a buzz, the topic is trending on social media reflecting the enthusiasm of people for the iconic dish.

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