Friday, May 31, 2024

Former Team Director Mohammad Hafeez Still Awaits for Dues from PCB

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Muhammad Hafeez has not received his due payment from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for his services, despite several months having elapsed since his association with the board.

Hafeez was appointed as the director of the national team during the tenure of Zaka Ashraf in the PCB management committee.

However, reports indicate that he has not been compensated for his contributions to the board, raising concerns about the PCB’s payment and administrative practices.

During his time with the PCB, Hafeez also assumed the role of head coach for the team’s tours to Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, the team, under the captaincy of Shan Masood, faced defeats in all three Test matches against Australia.

The team suffered a significant setback in the T20 series against New Zealand, losing 4-1 under the leadership of Shaheen Afridi.

These poor performances drew criticism from fans and experts alike, leading to questions about the team’s overall strategy and coaching approach.

Following a change in leadership from Zaka Ashraf to Mohsin Naqvi, the PCB decided to alter its coaching strategy, which created uncertainty about Hafeez’s role within the organization.

This change in direction and the ensuing confusion led to the PCB announcing Hafeez’s departure as team director via social media.

This decision effectively ended his initial four-year term two months earlier than anticipated, adding to the controversy surrounding the board’s management decisions.

The PCB’s handling of coaching arrangements during New Zealand’s cricket team tour to Pakistan has further exacerbated the situation.

Despite making concerted efforts to secure the services of various international cricket figures to fill the coaching vacancy, the board faced refusals from potential candidates.

This failure to secure a suitable coach left the coaching position vacant and highlighted the challenges faced by the PCB in attracting top talent.

The situation involving Muhammad Hafeez underscores the need for transparent and timely payment practices within the PCB.

It also raises broader questions about the board’s management, decision-making processes, and ability to attract and retain top coaching talent, which are crucial for the success and development of the Pakistan cricket team.

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