Monday, February 26, 2024

Francium, World’s most Expensive Element costs $1 Billion per Gram and its Half-life is only 22 mins.

The expense of this Francium is due to its short half-life of 22 minutes. The billion per gramme figure is entirely speculative, as one gramme of francium has never been seen. A cluster of more than 300,000 atoms was the largest amount of francium ever created.

However, this cluster or even a gramme of francium would vanish within minutes of being created, therefore it is currently of little practical utility in today’s society. There are people out there who could be willing to spend billions just to have a sight of this element, and we’re confident that scientists can create it for that purpose.

The Earth is a genuinely beautiful and magnificent creation. Even after thousands of years of human existence, there are still a plethora of fresh discoveries to be made. The natural components that exist are some of the most fascinating aspects of our beautiful world. Throughout history, various elements have been discovered; some are valuable, while others are not. There are possibly hundreds more that we haven’t even found yet.

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