Monday, July 15, 2024

Free WiFi service announced on intercity buses in Sharjah

SRTA (Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority) has recently announced to provide free internet service on buses between cities in the emirate.

The initiative is a part of authority’s comprehensive development plan, with an aim to improve the service quality provided to the passengers.

Passengers at Sharjah’s bus station can avail free WiFi. Citizens, while waiting for their buses can access the internet by connecting to an open WiFi.

Systems don’t have to create usernames of passphrase or to provide their email and cell numbers.

The buses routing within the city have around 15 main routes. Sharjah has an integrated public transport system mainly run by the Mowasalat Buses by SRTA. Likewise to the NOL card in Dubai, buses in Sharjah use Sayer and Mowasalat cards for convenient payment options.

Free WiFi service is also available on intercity commuters from Dubai to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The service provides inter-city bus riders to surf the Internet through their portable devices, tablets or smartphones; and process multiple tasks in transit, a time-saving exercise.

Furthermore, public transportation in Abu Dhabi are also installed with free WiFi for all passengers provided via du telecoms. Free internet service is available at all the main stations in Abu Dhabi as well as across all air-conditioned bus shelters in the city

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