Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Freelance Marketplace “Fiverr” Adding Alerts on Pakistani Frelancers Account Amidst Internet Breakdown

In light of internet connectivity issues prevailing in Pakistan, “Fiverr,” the world’s second-largest freelancing platform, has placed special notes on the profiles of Pakistani freelancers to inform clients about possible delays in order completion and communication gaps.

According to reports, Fiverr has been tweeting about the special notes issued to freelancers on their profiles through social media channels. These efforts aim to raise awareness and draw attention to the restoration of internet services by the government.

In a recent tweet, a user shared a screenshot of the note issued by Fiverr, stating, “This freelancer is in a region where there are severe internet issues currently. Therefore, this freelancer might not be able to complete your orders on time.”

It is worth noting that Fiverr’s step to introduce special notices reflects the platform’s dedication to supporting freelancers in overcoming hurdles beyond their control.

By acknowledging and addressing the specific challenges faced by Pakistani freelancers, Fiverr showcases its commitment to inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for talented individuals around the world.

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