Thursday, November 30, 2023

Freelancers in Pakistan Can Generate $10 Billion in Tech Exports

Pakistan’s Interim Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, is leading a big plan to help the country sell more technology-related services to other countries.

The goal is to make $10 billion each year by helping one million freelancers earn around $30 a day. The government will offer support by providing money and shared working spaces in the next two to three months.

Pakistan is also talking to PayPal to make it easier for people to get paid for their work, and they want to start using 5G technology in about eight months.

Right now, Pakistan’s technology sector makes about $2.5 billion each year by selling services to other countries.

The government is taking steps to make this number bigger. Dr. Saif thinks that getting investment money and places for people to work together in private businesses are really important for making this big plan work. If it does work, it could help Pakistan’s economy a lot.

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