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From Curiosities to Controversies! Here’re The Most Searched Topics in Pakistan on Google in 2023

Throughout 2023, Google’s Year in Search provided insights into the top trends that captivated Pakistan. The searches encompassed a diverse range of topics, showcasing the interests and preferences of the population.

Most Searched Tech-Based Topics:

  • The growing interest in technology was evident with searches related to ChatGPT, reflecting curiosity about artificial intelligence.
  • New media and streaming services like Tamasha Live and ARY ZAP gained attention.
  • Ongoing fascination with the latest mobile technology was represented by searches for Infinix Note and iPhone 15.

Most Googled Personality:

  • Hareem Shah, a TikTok sensation, topped the list, followed by Aliza Sehar, a village vlogger and TikToker.
  • Tiger Shroff represented the entertainment industry, while cricket figures Abdullah Shafique and Usman Khan garnered attention.

Most Searched Solutions (How to):

  • Interest in new features of messaging apps was evident with the search on how to create a WhatsApp channel.
  • Queries about applying for a Canada visa reflected curiosity about international travel.
  • Creative and household concerns, such as extending the life of flowers and removing mehndi, were popular.
  • Digital security matters were highlighted with searches on how to recover a Gmail account.

Most Searched Events/Occasions:

  • Cricket tournaments dominated searches, with the Pakistan Super League leading the list, followed by the Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup 2023, IPL, and the Ashes series.

Most Searched News:

  • International events like the war in Gaza drew significant interest, indicating awareness of global affairs.
  • Locally, the Ehsaas Program, addressing social and economic issues, captured public attention.
  • Celebrity news featuring Aliza Sehar, Akshay Kumar, and Kajol made headlines.

The diverse range of searches reflects the dynamic cultural and social landscape of Pakistan in 2023, from technology and entertainment to cricket and global affairs. Google’s Year in Search provides a snapshot of the nation’s interests and trends.

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