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Gaming Chair Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Chair for Gamers

A racing chair or gaming chair is meant for prolonged sitting. It makes someone sit comfortably while playing games. This helps to focus on the game while being comfy. It frees you from aching back. Soft padding is available as it is ergonomically friendly.

A good gaming chair is supposed to be comfortable, and it keeps you in an upright posture. You can sit straight for a longer period without even curving your spine. Games like MOBAs, call of duty, or league of legends can be played well with the help of this gaming chair. PC gamers are blessed with lots of good options for gaming chairs.

The best brands for gaming chairs in Pakistan are Logitech, DXRacer, Redragon, Warlord,  UMI Essentials, Arozzi, Thermaltake, etc. options like adjustability, durability, padding, price, customizability, removable pillows, and type of headrests should be considered before choosing one.

The gaming chair prices vary in Pakistan based on the functionality and brand.  

1. Redragon Gaming Chair C102BR Metis

Say goodbye to back, shoulder, and neck aches. This new gaming chair by redragon is here to provide you with comfort at every curve. It is made up of amazing ergonomics that offer support and ensure comfort. Removable lumber also comes with it; you can adjust the cushion accordingly. A simple locking mechanism is also installed in it.

Redragon Gaming Chair C102BR Metis


  • It bears a weight of about 150 KG
  • It is constructed of plywood
  • The foam type that is cutting foam is used
  • The overall size is about *H(1190-1280)±10 mm * W(655±10)mm D(690±10)mm.


Brand nameRedragon C102BR
SKU number111150823_PK-1262270602  
Pieces in numberUnspecified
Model numberC102-BR  
Warranty policyNo warranty provided

2. Cougar Fusion Gaming Chair

It allows a high-performance gaming experience. This Chair is used for both professional and gaming both usages. It provides support and comfort. This chair allows movement around 360 degrees. Also, it allows for a tilt that supports reclining at any position for numerous gaming postures.

Cougar Fusion Gaming Chair


  • Durable and classy
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Butterfly mechanism
  • Relaxing and comfortable
  • The 3D armrest can be adjusted
  • Noise freewheels
  • Lock at any of the positions between 360 back to 90 degrees.
  • PVC is an anti-scratch type.
  • Adjustment for multiple lock system.
  • Rotation is allowed up to 360 degrees.
  • A strong, attractive base is present of 350 Nylon


Brand name        Cougar Fusion
Presence of lock    Between 360 to 90 degree        
Lock         present    
Warranty policy Warranty provided only for parts like hydraulics, wheel, and base

3. RAZER – Imported Gaming Chair

This 5-wheeled amazing gaming chair comes in four colors that are green, black, yellow, red, and blue. Its packing size is 82×32.5×59 cm. the headset comes with a pillow. An explosion-proof pallet that is a lifting system of nitrogen is installed. Handrails are fixed and curved. It also includes a footrest, waist pillow, and a comfortable headrest.

RAZER - Imported Gaming Chair


  • Embroidery is done to create the logo
  • Artificial leather is used as a fabric
  • It is a perfectly ergonomically designed chair
  • For filling high elastic sponge is being used
  • Nylon is used to make foot material
  • It can be folded easily
  • It wights up to 21 kg
  • The chair can lie flat at an angle of 180°
  • Mainframe material is thick up to 0.8mm
  • Galvanized pipe is 1.5 cm


Brand name    Officials
SKU number    132522465_PK-1292728662  
Model number    RazerB  
Warranty policy No warranty provided
Colors available White, blue, and red


This ergonomic chair is best for the backrest. It protects the spine and releases the pressure on your lower back. Boxes are customized, and logos are printed on them. It makes the best option for working, studying, and gaming. This is also multi-purposed. It has an adjustable 4D armrest and 180-degree adjustable backrest for long rest.


  • A cushion provides lumbar support
  • The arms are adjustable
  • The thick sponge of high density is present
  • The neck cushion can be adjusted according to the requirement
  • It offers smooth reclining
  • It is quite easy to be tilted
  • Wheels are noise-free
  • Highest grade hydraulic
  • HQ Rocking Mechanism


Brand name    Offisits
SKU number    132482484_PK-1292685442    
Model number    OF-X5-UGV    
Warranty policy Warranty provided only for parts like hydraulics, wheel, and base
Colors included White, blue, and red

5. Gaming Chair (New Chaudhary chairs)

Such a comfy chair won’t ever make you feel stuffy. It is so smooth and runs without noise. This chair is best for home and office usage. It won’t even scratch the floor surface. Strong materials used for its makeup make it more ergonomic. It is the best option for working, studying, and gaming.

Gaming Chair (New Chaudhary chairs)


  • The seat is movable around 360°.
  • The armrest can be adjusted.
  • The back is adjustable and movable at around 180°
  • The height is adjustable.
  • The tilt mechanism thickness is about 2mm.
  • PU casters are present.


Brand name     New Chaudhry Furniture  
SKU number    133067246_PK-1293368613      
Model number     2725-D      
Warranty policy Warranty provided only for parts like hydraulics, wheel, and base

6. 1st Player DK2 Black & White Gaming Chair

This one is of a top model. It allows gamers to perform at their best. Gamers can still conquer the game. It is quite a customizable and adjustable kind of chair. You can adjust the height, back, and headrest according to your need. A 3D armrest is also present to be adjusted. For lumbar support, you can also adjust it.

1st Player DK2 Gaming Chair


  • It allows rotation up to 360 degree
  • Butterfly Mechanism is allowed
  • A metallic base of 350mm is present.
  • PU caster of 75 MM is present.
  • Angle tilt from 90 to 360 degrees is allowed.
  • It is designed ergonomically
  • This chair is quite relaxing and comfortable


Armrest available4D ARMREST  
Pieces in numberUnspecified
PU caster 75MM  
Warranty policyNo warranty provided

Gaming Chair Price in Pakistan

Product name Price in Pakistan
RAZER – Imported Gaming ChairRs. 23,299  
Gaming ChairRs. 23,999  
Imported Gaming ChairRs. 25,999  
Cougar Fusion Gaming Chair  Rs. 28,500
Gaming Chair with Reclining OptionRs. 28,999  
Redragon C102BR Metis Gaming ChairRs. 43,950
1st Player DK2 Black & White Gaming ChairRs. 48,000


Gaming chairs make the stimulation experience during any game so realistic and out of this world that you can feel it. Pedals, shifters, and wheels are perfect presents for experiencing a real racing car. These leather-made comfortable chairs are another advancement toward a technologically innovative world. Hope this article helped you.

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