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GEPCO Online Bill – Check Your GEPCO Latest Bill Online in 2022

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electricity Power Company. GEPCO was founded on April 25, 1998. Its purpose was to supply the electric power in the Gujranwala and its surrounding areas. The people using GEPCO electricity want to know how they can check GEPCO electricity bills online.

In this article, GEPCO customers will come to know how they can check GEPCO’s latest bill online in 2022. Also, many other important key points regarding GEPCO online bill be discussed here.

GEPCO covered areas

GEPOC is responsible for maintaining and supplying k-electricity in the following areas of Pakistan. It provides almost 3098120 active electric connections. The survey reported that in 2016 and 2017, the average monthly collection was around PKR. 8937M.

  • Gujranwala
  • Gujrat
  • Sialkot
  • Mandi Baha Uddin
  • Hafizabad
  • Narowal

How to check GEPCO online Bill?

GEPCO allows its customers to check their bills online. Also, they can find out about the GEPCO bill status, such as is it is paid or unpaid. So, the GEPCO user in any corner of the world can determine his/her electricity bill online.

Below is the complete guide to checking the GEPCO bill online.

  • To check your GEPCO Bill online, ensure your device has internet (WI-FI or data connection).
  • Open the device’s chrome browser and search for GEPCO bill online.
  • Search for GEPCO’s official website and open it. Here you will see that screen window that will need your GEPCO bill reference number.  
  • GEPCO bill reference number is in the left corner and in the 3rd row. It consists of 14 digits.
  • Enter your GEPCO bill reference number without any space in the corresponding field and check the latest GEPCO bill online.
How to check GEPCO online Bill
How to check GEPCO online Bill

GEPCO duplicate online bill

GEPCO Duplicate bills can be generated without any fee online. The GEPCO customers can check the amount of the bill as well as the GEPCO bill due date. Bill can be downloaded and printed out. Visit the GEPCO bill online website and enter the 14-digit reference number.

GEPCO duplicate bill

How to print GEPCO Bill without any cost?

GEPCO bills can be printed out without any cost online by using the printing tool of the device. For that same steps are carried out that are done for checking GPECO online bill.

When the bill is displayed, then click on the bill, which will enable you to display it on full screen. Then right-click on your bill. Select the print option and save it. Thus, in this way, user can print out their bill.

GEPCO Bill calculator

GEPCO bill calculator is available online. Users need to enter the number of units consumed in the respective month.

How to pay GEPCO bills online?

GEPCO Bill can be paid online by a variety of methods. GEPCO bills online can be paid through the app through a customer bank account. Such as, the HBL app allows the customer to pay their bill online. You will only need to install the HBL app on your smartphone. The user can pay his/her GEPCO bill with no. of simple steps. Also, customers can pay a bill by using the JazzCash account.

Helpline and contact details

The customers who sign for the GEPCO monthly bill online will receive the notification through email. GEPCO will notify you when your latest bill will be available online every month. Also, customers can subscribe to SMS alerts. Through this feature, they will receive each information through SMS each month.

End note

GEPCO online bill details for checking the online GEPCO bill, payment methods, and printing are described in this article. So, read the article carefully to solve your problem. If you have queries, then let us know about them.  

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