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Get Driving License in Punjab using ID Card Only, Step-by-Step Guide

Now, all you need is your national identity card to obtain a driving licence in Punjab! There is no longer a need for numerous certifications and a lot of paper! The new procedure was described in a new video that the Punjab Police’s official Twitter account posted.

This procedure is effective and serves all Punjabi citizens. Dr. Usman Anwar, IG Police, introduced the movie by presenting some statistics. More than 2.5 crore people own vehicles in Punjab, but just 45 lac people have a driver’s licence, according to statistics. Furthermore, barely 7-8 lac persons hold driving licences despite the fact that there are approximately 75 lac registered automobiles in Lahore alone.

How to Get a Driving Licence

You can now obtain your driver’s licence at the neighbourhood Khidmat Markaz. This facility is accessible 24/7 in major cities, but only in two shifts in smaller towns. Additionally, the driving licence facility in small cities was formerly only available for 6 days. On Saturday night and Sunday morning, the Khidmat Markaz will also undergo driving tests. This has been done to prevent people from having to take time off throughout the week.

The process’s simplicity is the major adjustment made by the IG Police Punjab in addition to the rest. Other than your CNIC and licence cost, you are no longer need to have any other paperwork, certificates, or forms. So you can now take your driving test and apply for a licence at the closest khidmat markaz. It is entirely up to you whether you take the driving test in your personal vehicle or one that has been designated by the police.

The IG Police Punjab claims that the procedure has been streamlined so that people may simply obtain their driving licences without the need for references or kickbacks. These actions have been made in an effort to inspire the people to act..

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