Friday, December 1, 2023

Get Hired this March at Talent Hunt; Skills Todo and HKC Joined Hands

HKC – HR Knowledge Cafe – has joined hands with Skills Todo for the execution of Talent Hunt, an open job fair for the IT industry with on-spot interviews. The event is equally beneficial for professionals of all experience levels as it will be for those looking to switch jobs/companies. Talent Hunt will happen in parallel with the Skills Gala on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of March at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore and will host about 100 tech companies.

HKC has a very strong history of conducting super successful tech HR conferences and meetups as they have more than 400 tech companies on their panel. Software companies and digital agencies are in dire need of talent to continue their growth in order to increase IT exports in Pakistan. So the aim of Talent Hunt is to be a platform for people with the right skills to hunt for the right job with on-spot interviews.

“I am a huge believer in collaborations and the impact they create for us all. No matter how big of a vision you have, you can’t do everything on your own. Having HKC collaborate with us for Talent Hunt is going to maximize the impact for all the stakeholders many many folds. I’m already appreciative of the great work they’ve done with such consistency and selflessness for our industry.” says, Ayesha Zaman – Founder Skills Todo.

3 days give an ample opportunity to make the best out of this event since both the participants and companies will get enough time to explore opportunities. Not only this but networking lounge, 70 workshops and 16 roundtable discussions in parallel are a humungous networking opportunities in addition to the Skills Gala.

“HR Knowledge Cafe is rightly striving on its path towards it’s vision “Connecting Intellectuals” to reduce industry academia gap in practical way. However, having a strategic collaboration with Skills ToDo for “Talent Hunt” will definitely boost up pace to achieve our goals particularly in reducing industry academia gap. Let’s make a BIGGER IMPACT TOGETHER.”  says, Haroon Akhtar – Co-founder, HKC.

If you’re a skilled person with experience in the software industry, this is an excellent opportunity for you to explore your dream job at a company of your choice. So apply as a participant and confirm your participation for the Talent Hunt. And if you’re someone who wants to opt for IT as their industry, meet the companies, learn what skills are in demand and visit the Skills Gala happening in parallel to see which training companies are offering those skills.

And if you’re a software company or digital agency looking for talented human assets to help your company grow, Talent Hunt is a massive opportunity for you. The best thing about Talent Hunt is that you’ll not only get to meet fresh grads but professionals of all experience level that can add value to your company. Trust us, it’s going to be one of its kind opportunity in terms of talent hunt.

So the participants must come either with their CVs printed that they can share with their desired employer company or send them soft resumes right away via email scan. Come prepared for quick interviews as well to get closer to your opportunity for your dream job.

We’re very excited to see the outcomes of this event, and we’re sure that you’re excited as well.

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