Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Giant Replica of Quran in Thailand Becomes a Major Attraction for Muslim Tourists

A colossal replica of Holy Quran built by more than 30 youngsters and proposed by Mat Rockey Wan, an Imam of Thailand stirred the internet attracting numerous Muslim Tourists.

The idea to make a huge replica of the Holy Quran was given by an Imam, Mat Rokey Wan Kechik. It stands tall at Kampung Pak Pungoh, Yala, a city in Thailand with the verses of ‘Al-Israa’ written on it.

Mat Rokey on the success of the replica stated that he himself had no idea that they will build a 3.6 meters tall and 5.2 meters wide replica. The imam further said that around 10,000 tourists visit it every day including the foreign tourists from Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The project was completed in 22 days and cost them around 6000 baht. The imam also mentioned that he wanted to do something unique, that is why he came up with this idea of making a replica of Holy Quran with Plywood, cement, and stone.

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