Wednesday, October 4, 2023

GIKI Launched BS Software Engineering to Boost National IT Exports

After rigorous industry surveys, feedback from alumni and experts, and a carefully designed NCEAC-approved curriculum, GIK is now launching a BS in Software Engineering!
GIKI has announced the launch of a new BS program in software engineering. Launching the Software Engineering program aims to increase the number of quality software engineers to meet the national and global demands of the IT revolution. The program will help the national economy and pave the way for innovation and advancements in the tech industry. The university conducted extensive industry surveys and gathered feedback from alums and experts to create a comprehensive NCEAC-approved curriculum. This program will give students the skills and knowledge they need to excel in software engineering.
The university also offers merit-based, need-based, and provincial scholarships and assistantships to help talented and needy students study at top-quality university without financial worries.

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