Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Gilgit-Baltistan Earns Rs 300 Million from Markhor Trophy Hunting This Year

Gilgit-Baltistan made a big amount of Rs 300 million from markhor hunting this year. It’s a big deal for the region. They have rules for hunting to keep things fair and safe for the animals. Every year from November to April, they have a special time for hunting. Last year in October, they had an auction to give out permits for hunting. People could hunt rare animals like the Astore markhor, blue sheep, and ibexes.

The auction was exciting. People really wanted permits, especially for the Astore markhor. They paid a lot of money for them, like $186,000, $181,000, $177,000, and $171,000. People from other countries wanted to hunt blue sheep too. They paid between $26,000 and $35,000 for permits. Local people also joined in the hunting. They paid a lot of money too, like Rs 1,800,000 ($6440) for a blue sheep and Rs 1100,000 ($3,935) for an ibex.

This money helps Gilgit-Baltistan a lot. It’s important for their economy. The rules for hunting help keep the animals safe. It’s a good way for the region to make money while also taking care of their wildlife.

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