Friday, April 19, 2024

Going to Work in Your Own Unmanned Flying Car no Longer a Dream

Urban Air Mobility is no longer a dream of the future, but is already well on its way here and now.

See the autonomous aerial vehicle exhibited at the New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles exhibition section of the 133rd session of China Import and Export Fair – aka Canton Fair – held in Guangzhou, China.

They can be used for passenger transportation, tourism sightseeing, logistics, and providing medical aid.

As serious congestion and pollution have become a headache of the traditional ground traffic system, will these autonomous flying cars be in vogue in days to come?

Superior to the traditional manned aircraft, this flying vehicle’s technology design concept of a Guangzhou-based company follows three philosophies: full redundancy to ensure security, autonomous pilot and centralized control of the intelligent command-and-control center.

The technology of autonomous flights eliminates the possibility of failure or malfunction caused by man-made errors. It will fly along the pre-programmed route, and complete the pre-programmed task. Without any concern about controlling or operating the aircraft, the passengers can just sit and enjoy the journey.

Using electric power to reduce environmental harm caused by emission, the aircraft can be fully charged in two hours. This eco-friendly and intelligent low-altitude passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle provides a low-altitude short-and-medium-haul transportation solution for the future intelligent transportation.

On top of that, traditional infrastructure such as large airports or runways are not required, suiting the scenario demands of urban air mobility and serving as an effective way to relieve the current traffic congestion pressures.

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