Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Gold Per Tola Price Reaches To Rs.109,300 In Pakistan

According to the prices compiled by All Sindh Sarrafa Jewelers Association, the latest price of gold per tola has been increased by Rs.3,300 in Pakistan in this week.

According to Adnan Agar, the AA Gold Commodities Operations Director, the price of the gold has risen due to volatility of cryptocurrencies like the bitcoin, and the inflation in the US s also one of the reason.

Moreover, the prices of gold on the international market have also risen to $1,885 per ounce. However, it was $1,815 per ounce on the 12th of May. This international price has also an effect on the local market price of gold.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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