Thursday, December 7, 2023

Gold to be Struck in Beijing: Halal Pakistani Cuisine Rockets to Popularity

Who would say no to Nihari? Check out how it’s warmly welcomed in Beijing.

“The finest, tastiest & most mouthwatering Halal Pakistani Cuisine makes my entire day!” said a Chinese customer enjoying food in a Pakistani restaurant in Chaoyang, Beijing.

Restaurant and food service, one of the hardest-hit industries for the past 3 years in China is now seeing a trend of recovery. Asif Jalil, a Pakistani businessman been in China for more than 20 years, owns some restaurants in Beijing and other cities in China.

“In Pakistani food, taste gets the priority. The Chinese people just love it,” he told the reporter, adding that the best thing about restaurant business is that he gets the opportunity to make many friends, every day. “We make special menu occasionally, and it’s highly appreciated by the Chinese customers.”

When Jalil first came to China, he had some difficulties because of the language barrier. As time went by, he learned Chinese very hard and successfully got over it. Now his restaurants are getting more and more popular in China.

China is eyeing investment, consumption growth after optimizing its COVID19 rules. Its recent guideline focusing on the expansion of domestic demand is a significant effort to boost the economy after years of being impacted by COVID-19, and is expected to increase consumption, which is seen as an important fulcrum for recovery this year, noted experts and analysts.

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