Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Good News! Direct Flights from Pakistan to UK to Resume Soon

A four-member team from the UK Department for Transport (UK-DfT) has completed a security assessment at Islamabad International Airport and expressed satisfaction with the current security measures in place.

Previously, the UK and several other European Union countries had suspended Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight operations over concerns about the authenticity of pilot licenses. This led to a thorough review of aviation procedures and security protocols by the UK inspectors.

During their visit, the UK-DfT team inspected various aspects of airport operations. They carefully reviewed passenger handling processes, crew procedures, baggage delivery systems, vehicle screening methods, and the overall security measures for aircraft and cargo.

Officials from the Airport Security Force (ASF) provided detailed briefings to the British team, explaining the security protocols at the airport. Special attention was given to the additional security measures implemented for direct flights to the UK. These measures are part of an ongoing effort to ensure that flights to the UK meet the highest security standards.

“The UK team looked into the extra security protocols we have for direct flights to the UK, as well as our general airport security practices,” said an ASF spokesperson. “They were very thorough in their inspection and have given us positive feedback on the steps we’ve taken to enhance safety and security.”

The UK inspectors were impressed with the thoroughness and effectiveness of the security procedures. They noted that the measures implemented by the ASF at Islamabad International Airport met their stringent requirements.

After completing their comprehensive review, the UK-DfT team left Islamabad and returned to the UK. They will compile a detailed report of their findings, which will be submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) within three weeks.

The positive feedback from the UK-DfT team is a significant step towards restoring confidence in Pakistan’s aviation security. It is hoped that this will lead to the resumption of PIA flight operations to the UK and other EU countries.

This assessment is part of ongoing efforts to improve aviation security standards in Pakistan, ensuring the safety of passengers and compliance with international regulations. The ASF and other relevant authorities are committed to maintaining these high standards and making any necessary improvements based on the recommendations from the UK-DfT’s final report.

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