Sunday, April 21, 2024

Goodbye to Air Conditioners? Scientists Invent New Paint That Can Keep Homes Cooler in Summer, Warmer in Winter

Bid farewell to the air conditioners as scientists have developed an alternative. A team from Stanford University in the US has manufactured a paint that provides a cooling effect in summers and a warming effect in winters.

The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published the research indicating that this innovative paint could serve as a substitute for both air conditioners and heating systems collectively accounting for 13% of the world’s energy consumption and 11% of toxic gas emissions. In addition, the scientists claim that this innovative paint can provide 21% energy savings on the electricity bill.


Conducting an experiment to assess the efficacy of the paint, a warm indoor environment similar to that commonly found in the U.S. was created. The outcomes demonstrated that the utilization of the paint resulted in a 7.4% reduction in energy consumption over a year.


The paint alternative developed by Stanford University will be available in different colors. One layer is made of an infra-red reflector while the other layer is made thin and transparent consisting of nanoparticles in different colors.

The paint must be applied on the exterior walls and roofs as it can reflect 80% of the infrared light. Scientists are emphasizing the necessity of these alternatives as harmful gases can accelerate global climate change.

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