Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Google Maps Navigation Error Makes Man Fall to his Death from Broken Bridge, Family Sues Company

The family of Philip Paxson, who sadly passed away in September 2022, is suing Google. They claim that Google Maps gave Paxson wrong directions, leading him to drive off a collapsed bridge, which caused his fatal fall of about 20 feet.

Paxson was following Google Maps to get home after his daughter’s birthday party, and the app directed him to drive on a bridge that had fallen apart a long time ago, without any warning signs, says the lawsuit.

This legal action doesn’t only involve Google but also its parent company, Alphabet, and two local companies responsible for taking care of the land and bridge. The lawsuit says they were careless and didn’t fix the bridge or put up proper signs to keep people safe.

The family is asking for money as compensation, but they didn’t specify how much. Google said they feel sorry for the Paxson family and that they’re checking into what happened with their navigation system.

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