Thursday, November 30, 2023

Google New AI Model Allows You to Virtually Try on Clothes Before you

From virtual shopping to virtually trying dresses AI has made its way into the world. Google has released its new AI model, TryOn Diffusion, aiming to revolutionize online shopping.

The AI model develops realistic portrayals in sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL. The generated models depict various body sizes and shapes making it convenient for the customers to make a purchase. Google released a statement regarding the feature that 42% of online shoppers do not make a purchase as they feel no representation of their sizes through models. Almost 59% express dissatisfaction because the item looks different on them as compared to on the model.

This virtual try-on feature provides an inclusive and more personalized experience. The feature is available on top brands including H&M, LOFT, Anthropologies, and Everlane. Google intends to expand the feature to more brands as well as introduce it for men’s clothing.

However, the model is not perfect yet, as stated by Google and needs some upgrades which will be introduced soon.

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