Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google now owns Fitbit, has access to every data

Search and advertising giant Google closed its deal to shop for fitness tracking company Fitbit, the businesses said on Thursday.

Fitbit’s fitness trackers and other devices monitor users’ steps and calories burned. They also measure floors climbed, pulse , and the way long and the way well people sleep.

Google will also protect the privacy of Fitbit users and has made a set of binding agreements with global regulators, confirming that the health and wellbeing information of Fitbit users will not be used for Google advertising, and this information will be kept away from any Google ad details, wrote Fitbit CEO James Park.

“US to probe Fitbit, Garmin, other wearable devices after Philips complains.We still be in-tuned with them and we’re committed to answering any additional questions,” Fitbit said.

At present, Fitbit is competing with Apple Watch et al. . Google said it was buying the company to compete in this market. The decision of the programme giant to buy Fitbit raised concerns when it was announced at the end of 2019 because of its already rich knowledge of people, what they buy, where they travel, and more.

It is rare for an enormous deal to shut without antitrust approval.

After agreeing to limits on how to use health-related data from users, Google received EU antitrust approval last month for its Fitbit bid.

Fitbit unveils smartwatch stress-tracking with Google deal pending.

“Google said during a blog post, which said Fitbit had 29 million active users, “We collaborated with global regulators on an approach that protects customer privacy standards.

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