Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google Photos Gets iPhone-Like 3D Cinematic Images

Google Photos was originally introduced to help users organize media and make their library of photos/videos more manageable. However, Google has extended Images over the years to something much more. It enables its users to edit images, post them on various channels, and relive their best memories.

Now, along with several other fun features, the search engine giant has revealed 3D Cinematic Images to step it up a notch.

The newly announced function seeks to mimic what the user sees when taking the image in real life.

According to the announcement, Google used “Machine Learning to predict the depth of an image and generate a 3D representation of the scene, even if the original image does not contain camera depth data.”

Very few Mobile cameras have a depth sensor as of now. Google has therefore educated the Camera app of its ARCore and the Portrait Mode Pixel to measure depth information from flat data. As seen in the tweet, Google Photos uses the same algorithm to distinguish the background from the subject of the image.

As part of a “Smooth Panning Effect,” the subject is expanded to take up most of the vertical frame.

Even if you don’t create cinematic images manually, Google will create them for you and display them at the top of the app in the “Recent highlights” section. These images are stored in your library and will also be shareable.

In addition, Google also adds more collage designs featuring “more rich, artistically crafted designs populated and stylized using AI.”

Over the next month, both of the latest features will roll out to all users worldwide.

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