Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Google Revealed its Foldable Phone, Here are the Jaw-Dropping Details

After a prolonged period of speculation and leaks, Google has finally confirmed the existence of its foldable Pixel phone. With less than a week remaining before the official conference, the company surprised everyone by revealing a brief teaser video on Thursday through a tweet.

Although the video is only eight seconds long, it provides a glimpse of the Pixel Fold and its design. The phone appears to resemble two thin Pixel 7s stacked on top of each other, featuring a familiar metallic camera bar on the back.

When unfolded, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, it transforms from a phone-shaped outer display to a tablet-shaped inner display.

While it may be tempting to jest about Google spoiling the surprise, the reality is that leaks and rumors had already revealed much about the device. In the world of big tech, maintaining secrecy is a challenging task, and information tends to circulate quickly.

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