Friday, May 31, 2024

Government Announces Public Holiday on This Day

The federal government has announced that November 9th will be a public holiday in honor of Iqbal Day, which marks the 146th birth anniversary of Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

He was a prominent poet and philosopher who played a significant role in inspiring Muslims in the sub-continent to strive for a separate homeland where they could practice Islam freely.

Special prayers will be held in mosques for Pakistan’s progress and prosperity. Dr. Iqbal, known as the “Poet of the East,” was born on November 9, 1877, in Sialkot.

His 1930 Allahabad address was a pivotal moment in the lead-up to Pakistan’s creation, providing Muslims with a clear direction and identity. Additionally, there will be a Change of Guards ceremony at his mausoleum in Lahore.

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