Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Govt. Approves Gwadar Smart City Master Plan

The government has approved the Gwadar Smart City Master Plan, according to the Federal Secretary of Maritime Affairs, Rizwan Ahmed. Gwadar’s economic performance is anticipated to reach $30 billion, as per estimates, thus providing 1.2 million jobs for experienced employees.

In a meeting chaired by MNA Munazza Hassan, Rizwan Ahmed briefed the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on a preliminary review audit for the Maritimes Division. According to sources, all the 2009 audit objections were closed and proceedings for new ventures were adjourned.

The Federal Secretary for Maritime Affairs has indicated that Gwadar will promote Central Asian countries, including Afghanistan, over the next three to four years, with China already in the Trade Belt mix.

As the government is keen on providing a tax-free climate, the city would draw high-paying jobs. Pakistan’s largest international airport has been inaugurated, high-tech industries will be built, and the national outlook will change with mega shopping malls, luxury resorts, and manmade islands.

The Master Plan includes a $5 billion investment for 15 new power plants in Gwadar’s power sector, a $1 billion kitty to produce 700,000 cubic metres of fresh water via desalination plants, a central business district, and a manmade island, according to reports.

Gwadar, as per the current Gwadar Smart City Master Plan, would need some 15,800 new homes by 2025, 47,600 by 2030 and 254,500 by 2050.

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