Monday, October 2, 2023

Govt Considering Closure of Shops and Businesses in Pakistan at Sunset to Save Energy

The Ministry of Energy’s proposal to combat the power crisis by implementing nationwide shop and business closures at sunset is a significant move in addressing Pakistan’s ongoing energy challenges.

This measure, set to be in effect from October 1 to February 15, demonstrates the government’s commitment to finding innovative solutions.

Consultations with chambers of federations and business organizations highlight a collaborative approach to ensure the smooth execution of this proposal. Engaging with provincial governments and drafting legislation to support this initiative indicates a well-thought-out strategy to navigate the complex legal and administrative landscape.

The potential daily savings of over 1500 MW of electricity underscore the substantial impact this proposal could have on alleviating the power crisis. While its success will depend on effective implementation and cooperation from businesses and citizens, it represents a proactive step toward a more sustainable and stable energy future for Pakistan.

If executed well, this strategy could not only provide immediate relief but also lay the foundation for more comprehensive energy reforms in the future, fostering a more sustainable and stable energy landscape for Pakistan.

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