Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Govt Establishes Two Advisory Councils to Increase Pakistan’s Export Volumes to $100 Billion

The Ministry of Commerce is taking important steps to boost the country’s exports. They’ve created two advisory councils specifically focused on coming up with strategies to promote textile and non-textile products.

These councils have the job of figuring out how to increase the export of goods from these sectors. They need to come up with plans within eight weeks, and then these plans will go to the Special Investment Facilitation Council for approval.

The main goal is to help achieve an overall strategy of reaching a $100 billion export target. The person in charge of these councils can also bring in more people from the public or private sector if needed. The councils will also give advice to the Ministry of Commerce about anything related to exporting textiles and non-textile products.

The Ministry will help with administrative support for these councils, and they plan to have meetings regularly, chaired by the commerce minister.

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