Sunday, July 14, 2024

Govt Imposed Taxes on “Landa Bazar Clothes” in Pakistan

In Karachi and Islamabad, Landa clothes are out of reach of the public. Despite the increase in cold, the government has imposed a tax on Landa clothes. According to the details, because of the ongoing inflation storm in the country and the new tax, shopping from Landa Bazaar has also been made difficult for the poor.

The traders of Landa Bazaar say that now after imposing tax by the government, the clothes and other items of Landa Bazaar of Islamabad and Karachi will also be removed from the reach of the people.A tax of Rs 250 has been levied on clothes fetching Rs 25 per kg from the international market.

According to the sources, the government has now imposed a tax of one dollar on Landa’s items, due to which the citizens will face severe problems in the cold season.

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