Monday, May 20, 2024

Govt Imposes Ban on Carrying Gas in Plastic Bags

In response to safety concerns, the district administration of Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has taken proactive measures by imposing a ban on the transportation of natural gas in plastic bags. This regulatory action, enforced under Section 144, aims to address potential risks associated with the unconventional practice of using plastic bags to carry gas.

The prohibition specifically targets the practice of infusing natural gas into plastic bags, which are then utilized for transportation purposes. The decision to impose the ban was motivated by safety considerations, as authorities have expressed apprehensions about the potential hazards posed by these gas-filled plastic bags, likening them to “walking bombs.” Law enforcement agencies, notably the police, have been instructed to enforce the ban rigorously and take punitive action against any individuals found violating this directive.

The process of filling these plastic bags with gas involves inserting a small valve at the mouth to prevent leakage. Despite Bannu’s substantial natural gas and oil resources within the KP province, the absence of a comprehensive infrastructure for gas distribution presents a notable challenge for the local government.

This infrastructure deficit has compelled residents to adopt makeshift methods, such as extracting gas from the main supply line using hoses instead of employing conventional drilling techniques.

The extracted gas is transferred into plastic bags, resembling helium balloons, primarily for transportation to households for cooking purposes. The administration’s concern primarily stems from the inherent risks associated with transporting gas in this manner.

To mitigate these risks and ensure public safety, the ban on carrying gas in plastic bags has been implemented as a preventive measure.

The regulatory action underscores the administration’s commitment to safeguarding public welfare and mitigating potential hazards associated with unorthodox practices in gas transportation. By imposing this ban, authorities aim to promote safer alternatives and discourage practices that could jeopardize public safety and well-being.

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