Friday, December 1, 2023

Govt Imposes Ban on Waving National Flag with Political Party’s Flag

As Pakistan gets ready to celebrate Independence Day on August 14th, the government in Islamabad has put some special rules in place. One important rule is that people can’t put up the national flag together with flags from political parties. They also can’t have political party flags next to the national flag where things are being sold.

The police in Islamabad have been told to stop the sale of vuvuzelas and to watch over their areas closely. This decision came after a judge said that the noise from these toy horns could be a problem. The judge wants the authorities to take action and stop vuvuzelas from being sold and used during Independence Day celebrations.

Usually, before Independence Day, you can find vuvuzelas being sold at stalls along with other things. To deal with this issue, a judge named Syed Anwar Ali Shah has told the police to take strong action against the sale and use of vuvuzelas, which are noisy toy horns.

The judge has also told the police in two areas to be strict about stopping people who are involved in selling and using these toys. They will follow the rules in the Pakistan Penal Code.

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