Friday, September 29, 2023

Govt to Add Rs. 15 Radio Fee and Rs. 35 TV Charges in Electricity Bills 

The government of Pakistan has decided to impose an additional burden on the public by introducing Rs. 15 radio fee and Rs. 35 TV charges in the monthly electricity bills. 

The decision was taken during the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue. The officials from the Ministry of Finance revealed that the federal government aims to address the financial crisis faced by Radio Pakistan by implementing additional supplementary charges on electricity consumers. 

Therefore, consumers will now be charged an additional Rs. 15 as a Radio fee and Rs. 35 as a TV fee on their electricity bills. The revenue collected from these additional charges will be utilized to pay the salaries of Radio Pakistan employees. 

Further recommendations from the Information Ministry includes increasing state TV charges from Rs. 35 to Rs. 50, with Rs. 15 from this amount allocated to Radio Pakistan for its financial needs. 

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