Monday, July 22, 2024

Govt To Construct 7 Beach Resorts in Balochistan

The government of Balochistan has decided to build 7 resorts at a cost of 1069 million rupees to promote tourism in the coastal areas.

While it has also been announced to build rest houses at 9 separate spots which will be established at Kund Malir, Gwadar, Ormara, and Jiwani so that the coastal areas can be prepared to attract more tourists.

According to sources, the Balochistan government has spent 250 million rupees on the establishment of five beach parks on the coastal belt to further increase the capacity of the tourism sector in the province and the government has constructed hotels, restaurants, and other facilities for the promotion of coastal tourism.

According to sources, the provincial government has formed the Balochistan Coastal Development Authority to regulate commercial activities and ensure modern facilities in the area.

Since the province has a wealth of tourist attractions in addition to a 750km coastal belt, serious efforts have been initiated to develop the master plan for the coastal belt.

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