Friday, May 24, 2024 Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal Changing the Face of Real Estate Industry

Construction contributes more than $50 billion to the economy of Pakistan, making it the second biggest industry. The real estate sector accounts for approximately one-third of the 12-13 percent contribution to the economy, or approximately $15 billion of total GDP.

Unfortunately, one of the last industries to adapt to technology was real estate in Pakistan. The alum of GIKI-Arslan Javed (CS-17), along with the other founders, Mr. Shafiq Akbar and Mr. Farhan Javed, visioned the transformation of the real estate landscape in Pakistan, witnessing this void.

Hence, a robust journey started to examine the complexities of the nation’s real estate market, which reached its destination in 2018.

In addition to thousands of checked property listings, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal also offers Wanted features, safe transactions, extensive investment ventures, seamless navigation, all-you-need on a single screen, premium customer service, a fast query response accessible to contact agents, detailed multimedia covering the features of a property like images, videos, drone shots and 360 images.

Graanadotcom also provides requested live tours of the properties and desired projects, using the latest technologies. You can make use of this deal from anywhere in Pakistan.

With its smart filter selection option, the Graana App makes your property quest simple by providing unlimited options to purchase, sell, rent in, rent out or invest. Depending on your price range, location, type of house you have and city you are interested in, select and add any chosen filter and find exactly what you’re looking for.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected almost all facets and sectors of the economy, shifting the discourse of activities in daily life.

Graanadotom was the first PropTech company in Pakistan to use digital transformation to spark innovation in the midst of enforced lockdowns and cancelled social gatherings by providing 360 ° Virtual Reality Tours and 360 ° Live Guided Tours of any desired property or project.

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, Augmented Reality (AR) services were provided by Pakistan’s Smartest Property Platform for the investment projects.

The dynamics of interactions between agents and potential customers have been altered by AR and VR technology services. This personalized technology has ensured versatility that has changed not only investment transactions, but the future of commercial real estate as well.

Although others are joining at this stage, by bringing revolution and highlighting the need for PropTech in Pakistan, Graanadotom has significantly disrupted the sector.

Technological adaptation is no longer an option, but a requirement!

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