Saturday, December 2, 2023

Groomify: A Start-Up Made by 22-Year-Old Founder Got Acquired

In the age of technological revolution, people around the world are coming up with innovative ideas and strategies. Pakistan is no exception, and its start-up culture is thriving, providing job opportunities, and supporting the country’s economy.

Groomify, a start-up founded by Syed Muhammad Hassan Askari, is one example of a Pakistani start-up that is making a difference. Groomify aims to enhance the productivity of brands and businesses by improving their culture. The vision of CEO Hassan Askari is to enhance brand growth by driving great culture in companies. In addition to this, Groomify is focused on producing a well-groomed, skilled, and ethically developed human resource.

The 22-year-old Askari had the dream of creating an impact in Pakistan. He initially built a start-up around barbers in which you could get a barber at your doorstep through technology, but that start-up was not creating the impact he desired. So, he came up with this idea of changing the way organizations operate.

Groomify was the first start-up of Pakistan launched in Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the collaboration of Connected Pakistan. Aizaz Muhammad, the convener of ICCI, and Syed Arsalan Ali Shah, the founder, and CEO of Connected Pakistan, appreciated the start-up on its launch and expressed that it will be a great initiative to take part in community’s betterment.

The CEO of Groomify Hassan Askari has exclaimed that Plan 9, Arfa Kareem Software Technology Park, provides with a better atmosphere for networking, which is the core need of every start up to grow. Dr. Umar Saif, the federal minister for Information Technology has been lucky to prove himself that his initiative of Plan 9 is still promoting the start-up culture in Pakistan and will be doing this in future as well.

The founder, Hassan Askari and the cofounder, Muhammad Mustafa, celebrated their success and this happy moment of their start-up’s acquisition along with their team. They told about their start-up journey and thanked to the Almighty Allah for blessing them with such a brilliant achievement.

According to the core team, this journey was not that easy because working in Pakistan, in the presence of minute resources is not easier. Although a fantasy prevails like it is a world of comfort, and pleasures are always around. Those who are looking forward to diving in this world should be mentally prepared with a staunch believe in hard work, dedication, and persistence.

The world that seems like a bed of roses is not that at all. One should be ready to face failures because the lessons gained through failures is the key to open that gateway of ever-lasting successes. They should believe in the power of Allah who opens hundreds of doors when one closes.

Lastly, the founder and the cofounder, Hassan Askari , and Mustafa respectively, has claimed that they will surely welcome every upcoming start up in Pakistan because they believe in delivering happiness. Anyone who wants them to share their experience in detail can reach them without hesitating and ask them to lead through those harsh realities and difficult pathways.

There should always be a combine goal to enhance the country’s economy and to give a skilled human resource to Pakistan. Groomify has proved by raising their start-up with this desire to work on the companies’ culture for making them better and growing faster.

The core team has shown there good will gesture for the next party who has acquired Groomify, and they believe that they will lead the start-up with the right direction by giving their potential and working hard. The betterment of the country is, undoubtedly, hidden in this world of recent technological approach and we should always be on a single page to support over country at every cost. Live long Pakistan! Live long Groomify!

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