Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Gwadar’s ‘Most Beautiful’ Cricket Ground Built Between The Jagged Mountains

On Sunday, Pakistani TV personality Fakhr-e-Alam uploaded a video of Balochistan’s beautiful Gwadar cricket ground, describing it as the ‘most beautiful cricket ground’ he had ever seen.

Alam urged people to come out and play cricket at the Gwadar cricket ground in a short video clip that he uploaded to Twitter. The video showed the big, lush green stadium constructed between a long road and the mountains’ jagged edges.

He tweeted, “To all #cricket playing friends everywhere in the world…. come visit us…come play cricket with us here in Gawadar cricket ground…. it’s the most beautiful cricket ground I have ever seen……”

The tweet was answered by former Pakistani batsman Faisal Iqbal, who appreciated the stadium and vowed to support it to the best of his abilities.

“Simply brilliant. I’ve been watching pictures of this earth and I look forward to visiting there soon, as Head Coach Balochistan @1st xi will do my best to find talent from this beautiful city of Gawadar, also InshAllah, with our @TheRealPCB team!,” he tweeted.

Few moments later, Alam again took to Twitter to share some awesome pictures of the cricket ground.

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