Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Hacker Installs Windows 95 on Smartwatch & IT Works

An extremely skilled person has done something amazing—they installed Windows 95, an old computer operating system, on a smartwatch that runs Android.

This brings back memories of the past and lets people experience a mini computer on their wrist with vintage software from 1995.But the hacker didn’t stop there. They went on to do something even more impressive—they made popular games like Grand Theft Auto and Flappy Bird work on this tiny smartwatch.

This shows how capable and versatile the smartwatch can be.Once Windows 95 is up and running on the smartwatch, the most interesting part is that you can use the touchscreen just like a computer. There’s even a start button, just like on a regular computer.

However, because the smartwatch doesn’t have much memory, you can’t use any other applications besides Windows 95.In addition to Windows 95, the hacker also managed to install Grand Theft Auto III on another smartwatch that runs Android. They made a video to show how the game works on the watch.

Now people can enjoy playing GTA III, a popular and exciting game, right on their wrist. This achievement is really unique and provides hours of entertainment for anyone who wants to try it.

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