Monday, June 17, 2024

Haleeb Foods Announces ‘Emerging Talent Development Program’

Haleeb Foods has launched an ambitious initiative aimed at nurturing young professionals through its new ‘Emerging Talent Development Program’. This program is designed to propel the careers of promising individuals towards leadership roles across various fields.

Program Highlights

Under the Emerging Talent Development Program, participants will benefit from a structured framework focused on:

Skill Enhancement

Participants will acquire cutting-edge skills through specialized workshops and training sessions conducted by industry experts.


Industry leaders will provide mentorship, offering personalized career guidance to program participants.

Networking Opportunities

Participants will have the chance to connect with a network of driven professionals, expanding their professional contacts.

Career Advancement

The program aims to unlock opportunities for rapid career progression and leadership roles within Haleeb Foods.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to:

  • Graduates from recognized universities.
  • Fresh graduates or those with up to 1 year of experience (including internships or full-time jobs).
  • Applicants aged 25 years or younger.

Evaluation Process

Candidates will undergo a thorough evaluation process including initial screening, aptitude tests, skill assessments, interviews, and a final review.

Who Can Apply?

The program welcomes applications from graduates in various disciplines:

  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Chemical, Software)
  • Business (HR, Supply Chain)
  • Food Technology, Microbiology, Biotechnology

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes with the subject line “ETDP-YOUR MAJOR” to [email protected]. The deadline for applications is June 2nd, 2024.

The Emerging Talent Development Program by Haleeb Foods promises to be a gateway for young professionals to advance their careers through structured learning, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation.

For more details, visit Haleeb Foods’ official website or contact the HR department directly.

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