Monday, March 4, 2024

Half of the revenue is being utilized to repay debt

Half of Pakistan’s GDP is spent for debt repayment, leaving “very little” for spending on people, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“I am aware of the needs of the people,” he said on social media, “but when the ‘corrupt’ run the country, the entire structure under which people’s wants should be serviced is destroyed.”

Justifying the existing government’s position, he stated that the majority of the country’s revenue was used to repay debt and accrued interest in the first and second years.

Restored his stance on the punishment of the corrupt, the PM stated, “What example are we setting for our children if they are not punished? That the strong can get anything away, and that the prisons are solely for the poor?”

He also reaffirmed his commitment not to offer the opposition any ‘NRO.’ “I have never seen any opposition target army for an NGO by way of extortion or pressure techniques,” he added. he was laughing at opposition members. It would [be] more treachery if any government grants an NR to these thieves than the one an adversary is committing.”

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