Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Haris Rauf Reveals How Much Money a Tape Ball Cricketer Can Earn in Pakistan

Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf recently shared his life story in a documentary by He talked about his early struggles and how he started playing cricket despite facing challenges.

Haris Rauf, the eldest of seven siblings, revealed that his father, who worked as a welder, couldn’t afford his education. He recalled receiving beatings from his father because of his strong passion for cricket. Due to a joint family living arrangement, he had to sleep in the kitchen once his uncles got their own rooms after marriage.

Haris began playing cricket at the age of five on the streets of his neighborhood. To pay his school fees, he sold snacks at a market on Sundays. With no family support and insufficient funds for club fees, he didn’t have the opportunity to participate in Under-16 and Under-19 cricket.

To fund his university education, Haris played tape ball cricket, a popular form of the sport in Pakistan. He mentioned that tape ball cricketers can earn around Rs200,000 to Rs250,000 per month. He kept his earnings a secret from his father but contributed to his mother and saved the rest to fulfill her dream of owning a separate home for their family.

Today, Haris Rauf has achieved success in cricket, owning a house and a car. When he bought the car, his father was moved to tears and expressed that he didn’t believe he deserved it. Haris emphasized that his family’s happiness is what matters most to him, and he takes pride in their achievements.

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