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Harvard University Offering Free Online Courses for Pakistani Students

Harvard is offering five free courses related to Information Technology comprising of multiple modules to complete in order to get a certificate. This is a great learning opportunity for IT enthusiasts to learn at your own pace from the professionals of Harvard.

Detailed below are the five IT-related courses.

CS50’s Introduction to Game Development

This course helps to understand how to develop 2D and 3D graphics, sounds, animations, collision detection. The course is designed to deliver the basics on game design and development, coding languages like C# and Lua, exploring frameworks like LOVE 2D and Unity.

The course also unveils the design of popular games including Angry birds, Super Mario, 3D helicopter game, Breakout, and many others.

CS50’s Understanding Technology

This course is a beginner level course for understanding tech. It will help learners know what goes behind the most used technologies and advanced platforms with examples. There are short questions and tests at the end of lectures as well to help you evaluate your learning.

Data Science: R Basics

This is a professional Data Science course aimed at helping students learn the basics of R programming. The students will learn important concepts including indexing, data types, arithmetic, data types, and R syntax.

The learners will be able to perform fundamental R operations like data wrangling, sorting, developing plots, and using dplyr.

CS50 Introduction to Computer Science

This is an introductory course on computer science and programming. The course will clarify important concepts like algorithms, abstraction, encapsulation, web development, resource management, and security. It will also help develop familiarity with coding languages including Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

CS50’s Introduction to Programming

This course delivers the fundamentals of programming from scratch. It comprises of visual programming language allowing learners to develop a code by dragging and dropping the graphical blocks. The course prepares students for advanced coding and is highly beneficial for beginners.

The courses are available at EdX as well as Harvard’s website. Enroll today and learn the most in-demand concepts at the comfort of your home.

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