Saturday, April 20, 2024

HBL Launches USD Debit Card for Easy Global Payments

HBL has introduced a new financial tool for its customers: the HBL USD Debit Card. This card is designed to offer users a convenient way to make global payments and manage their international financial transactions with ease.

The HBL USD Debit Card is directly linked to the Exporter’s Special Foreign Currency Account (ESFCA). This feature is particularly beneficial for freelancers and IT professionals who often need to make international payments.

With this card, they can easily pay for various services like software subscriptions, online courses, and other international expenses without facing the usual hassles or high fees associated with cross-border transactions.

The card provides users with a streamlined and efficient way to handle their financial activities, ensuring seamless access to global markets and services. It offers a hassle-free solution for those who need to make regular international payments, simplifying the process and saving both time and effort.

The HBL USD Debit Card represents a significant step forward in providing HBL customers with modern, efficient, and user-friendly financial solutions to meet their global payment needs.

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