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HDMI Cable – Uses, Sizes, and Price in Pakistan 2023

To connect any device in the home or TV theatre, the HDMI cable is the best choice. High-quality videos can be delivered through it. Multi-channel digital audio can be on aired through a single cable. Cord clutter can be cut down. An HDMI cable is the best choice to connect anything to a TV. Copper black HDMI cables are in high demand. Numerous brands are selling HDMI cables in Pakistan.

It is a single cable that provides high-quality video. Cord clutter is eliminated. It uses encryption and authentication. Two channels signal stereo and multi-channel is transmitted simultaneously. HDMI connection requires laptops, video projectors, TVs, PC, DVDs, HD players, Blu-ray, game consoles, camcorders, smartphones, and media streamers. HDMI cables come in numerous types, including premium, standard, and high speed.

Following are the most used HDMI cables:

1. Ugreen HDMI Male to Male 10M Version 2.0 with braid Cable

HDMI green 40414 high-speed extension cable enables it to extend the HDMI port from the monitor, projector, TV, and various displays. The original HDMI port can be protected from unplugging and plugging with feasible access for the HDMI cable. HDMI extension ensures a flawless watching experience. HDMI devices like TV sticks, Roku, Nintendo Switch, and oculus rift. PS4, PS3 plugin to HDTV from LG, Sony, Samsung, and more.


  • 10.2Gb/s is data transfer limit.
  • Ethernet is used for a high-speed HDMI cable.
  • Complaint HDCP.
  • HDMI supports DTS-HD audio master and dolly TrueHD.
  • Users are allowed to have full advantage of high-level networking to HDMI
  • IP-enabled devices are taken full advantage
  • 3D video formats are supported
  • The audio system is surrounded by HDMI connected TV
  • Video resolution can be enabled beyond 1080p to 4k.
  • The next-generation display is supported.

2. HDTV Premium HDMI Cable 10M 4K    

As everything is shrinking and becoming smaller, flexible, and more portable. As a whole USB-C adapter is used to support the work style with its lightweight design and compact size. The adapter can be unfolded by grabbing the USB-C plug head. The cable wrap protects the adapter, and the mDP port is protected from dirt and dust. Generous radius holds a guideway that allows tight and cable snug while retaining its bendability. Extra fits can be done by using extra laptop space without tangling and dangling. A foldable cable can be wrapped 4 inches around when unfurled. This one is perfect for traveling.



  • Audio is of high quality
  • Transmission of high speed is done.
  • 4k resolution is supported
  • Home entertainment and theatre can be enjoyed.
  • You can plug the adapter into the USB-C port, indicating the adapter’s ready usage.
  • Nylon double braided cable is used to protect against spills.
  • High temperature is prevented it from becoming hot.

3. Belkin HDMI Cable

Audio is transmitted seamlessly. Video is transmitted exceptionally, and audio too. Compatible devices include laptops, ultrabooks, MacBooks, DVD players, blu-rays, AV components, and cable boxes. Signal loss can be minimized for uninterrupted streaming. 2 layer shielding protects external interferences for flawless conversion. This cable is also utilized for full HD, 3D video, and 71 digital sound.

Belkin HDMI Cable


  • 4k cinema resolution, 7.1 digital sound, and 3D video are supported.
  • High-quality video and audio are being transmitted between HDTV and the device.
  • It is compatible with AV components, media players, laptops, Macbooks, gaming consoles, and cable boxes.
  • 2 layer shielding is done to minimize interference.
  • Daisy chaining is used for the Ethernet channel.

Your display port is connected very feasibly to monitors and ultra HD TV. This connection allows you to high-quality streaming of audio and videos from notebooks and displays port. UHD-enabled computer monitors and TV can be connected through HDMI.

Sling Media SlingStudio CameraLink


  • Your camera is connected to a sling studio camera link and an HDMI micro to mini cable.
  • This one is specially designed for outdoor usage.
  • Video resolution is supported up to 4k x 2k (3840 x 2160) at 30Hz
  • Video cable and digital audio is top of the line
  • Connectivity is done through simple plug-and-play.

5. Ugreen HDMI 15M

This one supports 3D video formatting and allows home theatre and 3D gaming. Video resolution is enabled far beyond 1080p. The next level of the digital cinema system is allowed for a commercial movies. Audio data is sent upstream, which separates the audio cable. IP-enabled devices are allowed to take full advantage without any separate Ethernet cable.

Ugreen HDMI 15M


  • Audio master of DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD is supported.
  • HDMI port will help you to connect with a projector, TV, monitor, and other displays.
  • Flawless video watching is being ensured.
  • All HDMI devices like Nintendo, oculus rift, Switch, PS4, and PS3 can be plugged into HDMI from LG, Sony, and Samsung.
  • 10.2Gb/s is the rate of data transfer
  • Along with Ethernet, high-speed HDMI cable runs.


The ultimate level of performance is offered by HDML. PVC outer layer of black is yielded through HDMI cable. Shielding is responsible for defending against external interferences, so integrity is maintained along with the purity of the digital signal. Gold-plated connectors can resist corrosion while they offer signal transfer with low distortion at the contact point.



  • While having a single connection, 3D images can be watched
  • Audio data can be utilized both downstream and upstream.
  • A separate audio cable is not required anymore.
  • 4K x 2K is responsible for representing resolutions of 4096×2160 and 3840×2160.
  • This cable offers a wide range of color palettes.

HDMI Cables Price in Pakistan

HDMI cables Price in Pakistan
HDMI CABLE 10MRs. 1403 
HDTV Premium HDMI Cable 10M 4K SupportedRs.1,430   
Sling Media SlingStudio CameraLink HDMI D-to-C CableRs 4,099  
Ugreen HDMI Male to Male 10M VersionRs 5,499
Belkin HDMI Cable  Rs 8,099
Ugreen HDMI 15M Male to Male Version 2.0Rs 7,699  
Belkin DisplayPort to HDMI CableRs 11,399

End note

Resolution is supported up to 1080i and 720p. Standard automotive cables are there to connect in-car DVD players and are portable. Other devices are also connected to in-car display videos. High-speed premium cables are a good option for easy and reliable UltraHD/4k transfer. Hope this article helped you to increase your knowledge about HDMI cables.

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